Exam Board: AQA

In A-Level Mathematics you will study a selection of topics from Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. These topics will develop your understanding of maths from GCSE in new and exciting ways. The Calculus plays a big role in A-Level (and future study) mathematics; this is completely different to the mathematics studied at GCSE and along with a focus on modelling the real world mathematically will give you a different understanding of what modern mathematics is. As well as studying a range of mathematical methods, students will also be introduced to a range of topics in statistics and mechanics.


100% exam.


General Sixth Form admission requirements and a grade 6 or above in Mathematics.

Where can it lead?

An A-Level in Mathematics is essential for many Higher Education courses, for example in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and, of course, Mathematics. It is also impressive in many other areas such as Medicine, Business, Accountancy, Law etc.